March 12, 2017

The Second Sunday of Lent                        

Gen.12: 1-4               Ps.33              2 Tim.1:8 – 10                      Matthew 17: 1-9

This Sunday contains many of my favorite verses in Scripture.

In Genesis, God tells Abraham He will bless him and those who bless Abraham.  Abraham will then be a blessing to others.  I love that thought.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  Who will you be a blessing to this week?

Our responsorial is probably a cry we all have made:  Have mercy on us.  But it is followed by AS we place our trust in you.  Always the call and theme to trust. 

Timothy tells us to bear our hardship for the gospel with the strength that comes from God.  Why do we think we have to do all on our own strength and own way?  What hardships, decisions are you facing and trying to solve on your own?  He saved us and called us to lead a holy life, a life set apart from the world.

Matthew gives us the Transfiguration account.  Like Moses going up the mountain, Jesus’ encounter with God on the mountain resulted in His face glowingAre our faces glowing with the light and love of Jesus?  My favorite verse “This is my Son, with whom I am well pleased.”  If we believe all Scripture is written for us personally as well as for us as a Catholic Christian community , then these words have to fill us with love.  We are His children and He is pleased with usPerhaps you can sit in His Presence and reflect on these words this week.

I used to think Peter’s comment on the three tents was another impetuous comment.  However, in studies recently, I have come to see the relationship between Old Testament Moses and New Testament Jesus.  As the Israelites were led out of captivity by Moses, Jesus has led us out of the captivity and bondage of sin.  Our personal transformation takes place at every Mass.  We see, receive and are strengthened by the Eucharist.  We come down the mountain as we leave Mass filled with Jesus and by His Holy Spirit are strengthened for the world.