April 2, 2017

The Fifth Sunday of Lent

Ez.37, 12-14             Ps 130, 1-8               Rom.8, 8-11              Jn 11, 1 -45

We are reminded in the first reading that God always keeps His promises.  “I have promised and I will do it.”  We can also take confidence that He enables us to be strong and courageous because He has put “my spirit in you that you may live and know I am Lord.”  We do not have to rely on our own strength.  A great reading for me right now!  My reading last night was to stop problem solving and rest with Him.  It seems He is always reminding me of that!  Our second reading, Ps. 130 confirmed that message. Trust in the Lord and His word and WAIT for Him and His loving kindness.

Romans 8 is a comforting reading and a challenge to us.  We are in the spirit by having His life within us and we belong to Him.  I love that.  Even if we die, we live in Him.  These are wonderful words, belonging to the Creator of all.  The challenge is to ACT like a member of His family.

Johns gospel is the well know story of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  It is a perfect example of how God works all things for His good and glory.  Lazarus’ death and the pain that it caused worked for good in that people came to believe in Jesus after He raised Lazarus from the dead.  This event really shows Martha’s faith, her strong belief that Jesus could ask the Father anything and it would be given to Him.  The other mention of Martha and Mary showed Mary as a disciple sitting at Jesus’ feet.  This event is more focused on Martha.  “I am the resurrection and the life.  Do you believe this?”  Do you believe this?  Do you live knowing eternity waits for you?  I often wonder about Jesus being perturbed by their questions.  Was He hurt because they still didn’t “get” it?  Were His tears from the pain He saw in them or frustration at their lack of understanding?  I wonder how many tears I have caused my Loving Savior.  What do you wonder?

Blessings and Peace