In this episode on the SERMON ON THE MOUNT, host, Bill Wegner, continues his discussion with Brent Heiser; sharing stories of their youth and the challenge of learning and living the message of mercy.
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What is a Seminar and/or Conference?

A Seminar is a time for gathering to discuss the faith in an environment conducive to fostering a better understanding of the teachings of scriptures and of the Church.  I may involve a more of a give-and-take atmosphere.

A Conference is generally a larger gathering with music, talks, workshops, and celebration of the sacraments all designed to motivate one in their conversion process.  The conference can be held over a 2 or 3 day time span such as a Friday through Sunday.

The above events are all designed to deepen one's spiritual life and challenge each person to an on-going conversion to Jesus Christ and to his Church.